May 15, 2012 – The Start of Online Chats

NIC: I’ve been thinking . . .

JOE: And you continue to think.

NIC: That something to fill out the “Joe and Nic Shoot the Shit” would be to post our chats when we are discussing topics like we normally do.  Nothing big or even set to a schedule, just something for readers/listeners to enjoy between the three or four weeks between episodes.  Then we don’t have to worry about saving things for the podcast/forgetting topics when we record.  We can also be pretty funny when we’re chatting.

JOE: And we can start with THIS ONE!  META META MEta meta meta meta….

NIC: I wonder if there is a point of being so meta, one could literally break a hole in reality.

JOE: Or end up on the other side.

NIC: Although I guess that sort of meta would be talking about yourself.

“Man, that guy never stops talking about himself.”

“I know, he’s so meta.”

JOE: I like to imagine a telescoping image of a man watching himself watch himself on TV, etc.  And then you see the conscript of this idea lain out on its side, like if each level of reality diminishes by half like a curve graph.  But all of the repeated image of an over-the shoulder-shot of a man watching TV and then, on the billionth to the billionth degree, one of the men turns around and just sees the telescoping image of men, then faces, then eyeballs to the billionth degree of size.  And his head explodes, which sets off a chain reaction of exploding heads in both directions . . . . . . This is my brain . . . jacking off.

NIC: This is my brain smoking a cigarette.

JOE: Now let’s take this to another level, i.e. my brain putting the belt loop around his neck.  If the iterations go either way to infinitely small to infinitely big and the one who turned around was set to be the center, no matter where he is along the spectrum, and you took all the iterations larger than him and smaller than him (the one watching him and the one he watches) and made him the fulcrum of this conscript and folded all levels of meta on itself, like a hinge then they would all add up to a set of beings equal in mass and value to himself.

NIC: Would they add together or cancel out?  I don’t think they would cancel out

JOE: Well, the infinity added to the inverse of infinity would irrationally equal a rational number, so whatever it is, they would all be equal.

NIC: At some point the relative sizes of the smallest level and the biggest level would be such as the big one could literally be made of the billions upon billions of the smaller.  If your neutrinos were just smaller version of you while –

JOE: No, wait, I’ve gotten this all wrong –


JOE: – it only works that way if they increase in value and decrease in value evenly.  But they’re on exponential values, so the increase to infinity would continue, but the decrease to zero would be negligible so it would increase to infinity, just slightly faster than infinity itself.  Almost negligible, but slightly faster; negligible in the sense that the word itself is almost nonexistent, like a piece of paper that would evaporate at the slightest inertial change and maybe erase its own existence a few seconds into the past.


JOE: I’m spent

NIC: Frankly, I was done at the exploding head and remembering there are things called neutrinos.  But this is a perfect entry.


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