NIC: Did you vote?
JOE: I was going to . . . but I was getting high.  And thinking about how pot could ever possibly become legal; like maybe they should put it to a vote, man.  But yes, I voted.
NIC: Hooray.
JOE: They gave me a little attitude because I was supposed to mail-in but I missed the postmark deadline.
NIC: The people at the voting place?
JOE: Yeah.
NIC: What dicks.
JOE: They were most likely socialists . . . and fascists.
NIC: Together.  Obama is Hitler –
JOE: And Stalin, rolled into one –
NIC: With a turban on top –
JOE: While waterboarding American babies –
NIC: And handing out free cars to only black people –
JOE: So they can have homo-sex in them to make gang AIDS –
NIC: While smoking the legal pot-laced with cocaine, heroin, and socialist insulin!
JOE: Yeah, for all that socialist diabetes running rampant
NIC: It’s how they work! . . . This is perhaps the best political dialogue I have ever been a part of.
JOE: I’d have to agree, but that would make me a fascist libertarian with a Marxist agenda . . . and herpes. Peace & Freedom herpes.


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