Joe and Nic met at the University of Southern California, while applying drywall to the ceiling of a bathroom in a small theatre.  After a lengthy discussion over a large tin of pasta next to a dumpster, they realized that their lives had a sort of weird parallel, and they have been bonded ever since, spending whatever time they are not drinking (although they don’t stop when they are drinking) talking about movies, television, comics, technology, humor, life and laughter.



“I prefer martinis stirred with ice made from the tears of children.”

Nic is an actor/writer in Los Angeles, CA.  He has his own blog, The Eternal Loop, where you can find original stories, recipes, scripts, cartoons, articles, pictures, audio and videos.



“If you keep using your teeth, you’re gonna lose ’em!”

Joe is a producer/writer in Florida Los Angeles, CA.  He also has his own blog [Editor’s Note: Joe would like it known that he started his blog first] called A Man Chasin’ His Hat, where you can find original stories and articles regarding physics, metaphysics, time travel, humor, and the utterly bizarre.


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